Mänskligt villebråd
An action comedy film with a lot of splatter.
DOP: Veikko Luukkonen
Director: Anton Svantteson-Helkiö
Sound: Ivar Forss
Line Producer: Linus Westerlund
FAD: Markus Siltamäki​​​​​​​
Simon och Malena (I nöd och lust)
Long film production that is a constellation of shortfilms 
DOP: Elle Sumelius
Director: Georg Granö & Markus Siltamäki
Sound: Emil Lindqvist
Line Producer: Linus Westerlund
FAD: Rebecka Store & Linus Westerlund​​​​​​​
Live broadcast production
A planning project
Multi camera live broadcast production (planning project, not produced due to Covid-19)
DP: Kristofer Söderström
Director: Anton Svantesson-Helkiö
Sound: Rasmus Pietilä
Line Producer: Linus Westerlund​​​​​​​
Short film production
Short film about two brothers that goes trough rough stuff.
DP: Elle Sumelius
Director: Elena Sulin
Sound: Rasmus Pietilä
Line Producer: Linus Westerlund
FAD: Isa Antas
Short film production
Short moodreel for a longer production.
DP:Max Mojander
Director: Marlon Saares
Line Producer: Sonja Laitinen
FAD: Rebecka Store
Script supervisor: Linus Westerlund
RØDE Master your craft - Veikko Luukkonen
Protfolio video / Person portrait
Veikko Luukkonen partcipated in the RØde master your craft internship competition. I was the producer of the film that he used as his application.
DP: Kristofer Söderström
Director: Veikko Luukkonen
Sound: Linus Westerlund / Emil Lindqvist
Line Producer: Linus Westerlund
Short documentary
A short documentary about psychosis and how it feels to be plagued by one and then live an normal life after the fact. 
We produced the documentary as finale project during a documentary course. 
DP: Kristofer Söderström
Director: Georg Granö
Sound: John Lindh
Producer: Linus Westerlund
editorial work
I was part o a video reportage team at Smocka (soc & com). My task was mainly planning and contacting people to get footage for the reportage. 
I whas the production assitant for the production. My responsabilities was partly logistics and on set assistant.
Producer: Oscar Kjällman
Director: Marlon Saares
Shortfilm / instructional video
I was the producer of the short film / instructional video. 
I did the timetable, got in contact with actors and made sure the team had gear.
Director: Anton Svantesson- Helkiö
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