2020 -2021 project
Documentary production
The ISEAS of 2020 is taking place in Äkäislompolo in the Finnish lappland. I got the chance to participate in the project as a documentary producer once again.


ISEAS 2020 will have a part two in Feb. of 2021 more on that later.
The 2020 project happens in Aug. of 2020.
. . . . . . .
2019  project
I got the chance to take part in a really fun but challenging project this year. The project gathers artists and scientist from all around the world to teach about important topics trough art. 
My part in the project was to produce a documentary about it. I did this in collaboration with the Iranian filmmaker Amir Abdi. Our task was to film everything that the other artists did within their project and at the end of the very intensive project week, we compiled the footage to a 26 minute long documentary.
The documentary was displayed in art galleries around Raseborg and later published on the web for anyone to see.
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