Linus Westerlund
I'm a Media producer candidate from Karis, Finland. My main interests are video production and live video production, but I also like photography when I got the extra time.  
I'm a very motivated, ambitions and goal driven person when it comes to media production of any shape or form. I have been making movies and videos ever since I got my hands on a digital camcorder and sins then I have expanded my interest into live video production in the camera and editing departments at a professional level.
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Riverpoint Oy & Liwemedia Oy
I currently run two companies. Liwemedia Oy witch is primely a holding company that I run my self as CEO. Liwemedia Oy will still be my main portfolio name and will still exist along side Riverpoint Oy (more about that lower down on the page).
My other company witch is my main business is Riverpoint Oy media production company. This company is where I conduct my business from 2022 forward. 
This means I provide all my usual services listed on this page but the invoice and contact is with me trough Riverpoint Oy. Confusing? Call me or send an email if anything is unclear about my business arrangements.
Riverpoint Oy 
Created out of Liwemedia Oy (witch still exists as a holding company and might still do business in the future) and Landbdrige Oy. Two technically different companies but still on the same playing field and in the same business. One bringing video- and live production to the table the other photography production. Together we seek to be stronger and more competitive on the media production field.
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